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About Paradigm

Our Mission

Paradigm Marketing's mission is to develop and source quality products at the best possible value for the Costco members by challenging our skilled professional team and manufacturing partners to create and develop new products and improved designs with manufacturing cost efficiencies while employing socially responsible practices.

Why choose our services

We offer a unique perspective and understanding of Costco's objectives and help our manufacturers get their product ready for Costco Wholesale.

With over 28 years of experience and concentrated focus on Costco Wholesale, Paradigm Marketing, Inc. has formed strategic alliances with factories worldwide, sourcing new and exciting products, adding a creative talent for product concepts, design, and marketing.

Our philosophy has enabled Paradigm Marketing, Inc. to earn the respect and trust of Costco Wholesale and our manufacturing partners. We take pride in our reputation in the industry and the professionalism with which we operate.

Our Team

Karen Benson

President/ CEO


Karen has 22 years experience with Costco Wholesale.  She joined Costco, buying, at it s onset in 1984. She left in 1989 and began selling to Costco on an exclusive basis and has been dedicated to marketing to Costco for the past 16 years. Karen started her own sales and consulting firm, Paradigm Marketing, in 1994 and has developed a completely dedicated agency to sales, service, marketing, consulting, and informational systems specific to Costco Wholesale. Paradigm Marketing employs 6 full time team members  with   complete account focus on Costco. Although the  account is singular, the product lines are diverse. The marketing paradigm of account specialist is fully realized at Paradigm Marketing.  Karen has over 4 years graduate work in law and business administration and worked in law and large business prior to her career with Costco.

Illana Woolf

Corporate Administrator


Illana has spent the vast part of her career in the advertising and print industry. Before joining Paradigm, Illana was the Production Manager for DDB Seattle, one of the largest advertising agencies in America. Illana s 20 years experience in printing and advertising contributes to Paradigm in packaging and printing consultation. Illana also coordinates samples, shipping, receiving and all corporate administration.