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Karen has 22 years experience with Costco Wholesale.  She joined Costco, buying, at its onset in 1984. She left in 1989 and began selling to Costco on an exclusive basis and has been dedicated to marketing to Costco for the past 16 years. Karen started her own sales and consulting firm, Paradigm Marketing, in 1994 and has developed a completely dedicated agency to sales, service, marketing, consulting, and informational systems specific to Costco Wholesale. Paradigm Marketing employs five full time team members with complete account focus on Costco. Although the  account is singular, the product lines are diverse. The marketing paradigm of account specialist is fully realized at Paradigm Marketing.  Karen has over 4 years graduate work in law and business administration and worked in law and large business prior to her career with Costco.

Karen will help you get your product into Costco with successful results!

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Patrick D- (Client)


Karen & the Paradigm team do a fantastic job managing and growing the Costco business. First class all the way!

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